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Irrational reality

I can't be sure, but reality doesn't seem as real to me anymore.

It might be the hundreds of empty shuttles I see coming and going every day, or it could be all the same people working the same jobs at every single station, but then again, maybe I just can't get over that damn blue tint everywhere I look.

Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly unpleasant. In all honesty, I kind of like the pervasive color scheme, it's somewhat soothing. But the lack of variety, no matter if it's beautiful or revolting, no longer feels real.

Some might say I'm going crazy, others will wonder how many stims I've taken, and a few will want to scan my Coretechs for a virus. Though I doubt it's any of those, because I know exactly when everything changed for me.

The day I supposedly woke up on Tau Station.

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