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New Ship!

I joined a Syndicate that is focussed on ship ownership. I finally gathered up enough money to really join the club. This ship is so small, there isn't even room to stash a few extra rations on board, unbelievable. I brought my knitting, but had to make a cushion of the extra skeins of yarn and sit on it. Otherwise, my first flight was quite easy!

New ship classes to take too, and I haven't managed to finish all the anatomy courses yet. Decisions!


  1. Congratulations on joining the Captain's Club! The leisurely pace of the Private Shuttle does leave some time for knitting :-)

  2. Congratulations!

    I hope you names the ship Pearl 2 ...


  3. Too late, but I can name the next ship "Knit 1, Purl 1". ;)

  4. What did you name the first 1?

    And I think you can just name 2: Pearl


  5. I named it Wild Wind Rider.

  6. That is a nice name :)

  7. Thanks! I named my second ship Maelstrom, forgot all about this thread.