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Another long flight

Am I ready for this? I've got my level 7, I've got my Visa, started in on a nice meaty university course too, so I hope so. I'm heading back to Alpha Centauri - I was only there briefly on a mission before, but wasn't prepared to stay that time. It's a nice long flight, so I've packed my knitting - not just one project, either. Anyway, no telling what will be waiting for me there, kind of scary, kind of exciting.

ETA: Apparently the excitement was too much for me. I tried to read and fell unconscious, missing half the flight.


  1. Been there, done that :-)

    You might need to train your intelligence (and likely your social skills) a bit more at Nouveau Limoges before you can really enjoy the Alpha Centauri experience.

    Also, beware of Bordeaux Station, it has no Sick Bay.

  2. Thanks for your concern. I was doing fine, but now this mission is taking me to Spirit of Botswana, so I could be in trouble after all.