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The Sirius system was an exciting place, and what better than the ability to purchase a shiny new ship? A brand-new, Mantis Class Private Cruiser, to be specific.

Now, there were some thoughts of naming it "praying" or something as a sort of silly pun to the scary old Earth monster, but I remembered an old game (2D-only, no less!) that had ships crewed by these human-sized creatures. I stumbled across the game a few cycles ago as a port technician when looking up something about FTL: Faster Than Light for the jump gates, and as homage, named it "The Gila Monster", after the ship in the game.

While Sirius is refreshing, I find the lack of sick bay unsettling, and I couldn't find anyone willing to insure me privately, citing silly excuses like "working around dangerous chemicals" and "arsonist" and "fits right in with those inventor wackos". I suppose Sirius will remain a place to visit, rather than stay, for the time being.