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Of course it was the visas. When has it never been about visas?

It's been a while since I last wrote, and I've changed careers (twice!) now. I'm part of the Consortium embassy staff, and my boss has decided that I should get more experience and sent me out with a diplomatic tour. Of course, plans were made, scheduling was had, and requisite visas were procured.

Everything went quite well until my return, when it was time to go through Consortium customs again. I was passing through the first security door when the second one locked in front of me, and two stern-faced security guards asked me to come with them. It appears that diplomatic immunity does not extend to the home station, and I was detained.

Apparently there was some mix-up. I was issued a Consortium visa, which raised all sorts of red flags in the system since I was also a Consortium citizen. It was an uncomfortable few segments while I waited for everything to get sorted out. I was offered some tea, but I had to decline as I had some sort of weird reaction last time I drank any.

Eventually I was let go and everything went back to normal. I'm glad at least it wasn't a diplomatic incident!