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OOC Disclaimer: The user who plays this character is absolutely not like this. I like to believe I'm a relatively normal human. Also, I don't normally write beings (e.g. humans) as objects.

##What makes Xierumeng tick?

Xierumeng can be described as sociopathic, with multiple personalities. This means it completely lacks empathy, and has a very weak conscience which Xierumeng typically ignores.

Xierumeng has three distinct personalities: personal, professional, and people.


This is Xierumeng’s “base” mode, which enjoys fires, is typically regarded as insane, and where most of its crazy ideas (some of which are viable) come from. Xierumeng in this mode is a little… disconnected from reality. People tend to avoid this Xierumeng.


This is Xierumeng’s everyday mode, which is serious, gets the job done, and brooks no complaints. This is where thorough planning is done, and where ideas get refined into actions. People complain about the “dead and creepy” look Xierumeng has with this mode, and the slightly abrasive personality.


This is Xierumeng’s social mode, which is kind-hearted, considerate, and puts other people at ease. Xierumeng finds this mode the most exhausting to use, and typically reverts to personal or professional mode at the earliest opportunity.

Note: Xierumeng collects data and publishes it as a hobby, which is why this post about Xierumeng, written by Xierumeng, exists.