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As an operative, there are many tasks we have to do as part of normal operations.

Of course, there are the ordinary supplementary force for station security, keeping law and order, but there are more… unsavory tasks. Everyone hates auditing, but I’m used to the anger and the fear as I scrutinize every action, making copious notes on every person, suspicious of everything and everyone. And then there are the illegal tasks. I’m decent at working undercover, but the information I get from doing that is used for something I excel at: eliminating a target.

The golden rule is: don’t get caught. Why? Well, it reflects really badly on my abilities if I do end up getting caught for what is supposed to be a covert operation, and while I could flash my badge and get out of trouble pretty easily, my boss(es?) emphasized that I should not attract any attention, and I agree with them. If my target knew they were being targeted by an operative rather than being subjected to some accident or happenstance, it would make my next attempt so much harder. A few segments in the brig isn’t so bad.

The assassination attempt on the Maid of Orléans was one of the sloppiest jobs I’ve ever seen. Seriously? Sabotaging a clone at the same time as firing on and missing the target while it’s publicly speaking? That doesn’t look suspicious at all! (I hope the sarcasm here is clear). What I would have done was make the clone nonviable a while back and sabotage the instruments, making sure none of the sensors detect the error. Then I could arrange for a little “accident” to befall our target, preferably out of the public eye. “My sympathies, it appears that it overdosed on the Chemist’s wares. Who knew it was a drug addict?” The whole thing looks like a setup; a false flag operation trying to discredit and raise hostilities towards the Consortium. But why?

Do I enjoy it? Possibly. The human body is so fragile. There are so many systems, and most (if not all) of them critical to keeping a human alive. I admire it, as I watch it struggle to remain functional. Blades slip between the ribs or into the neck. Poisons freeze the nervous system, cause organ failure, and bind red blood cells (I love the scientists at Cape Verde Stronghold; keep up the good work!). Immune responses suddenly becomes compromised, or better yet, turns on its host. Oxygen is so scarce in space, and the call of the void comes to some sooner.

I might meet you in the future as part of my duties. Sleep tight!



  1. But why?

    Let's be honest: it pays pretty well :-)

  2. I'm sure I'll be very busy in the near future :).


  3. Hide in hotels. Get a new room every night. Don't drink at the Bar. If you do don't leave drink unattended.

  4. Stick to pyromania dude. This serial killer type thing don't work for you.

  5. Can't leave evidence if everything burns! Including the ashes!