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Being an adventurer is all about new experiences, right? I always hated having a weak physiology, so I decided to change genotype.

I narrowed my choices to either Mall or Colonist. However, given my social ineptitude, I decided against going for Colonist even though I would have greater strength. I purchased a clone, asked someone from my syndicate to come kill me, and stored all my equipment at EstaciĆ³n de Amazon. I took an express shuttle to Caen Stronghold and committed suicide.

I woke up inside the clone vats at EDA, and when I stepped out, I could feel the power behind my body. However, my mind was slow (and is still a bit slow), although I could still puzzle out problems after thinking about it for a bit.

Was it worth it? Well, it's a new experience for sure. There's always ups and downs to everything in life.