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The party bus

I remember, back in the day, when I arrived at the Yards of Gadani to purchase a ship. Although most of them were only useful as piles of scrap, I noticed a long row of public shuttles tethered outside the station. "Hey, one of those could be useful! And I can carry people for a ride!" I thought to myself.

I asked the foreperson in charge what it would cost me to get one of those. Surprisingly, only one credit. "There has to be a bill of sale, you know," they told me, "otherwise it takes several tenspans to change the registration." When I pressed further as to the essentially free ship, I was told that those public shuttles were already quite old and already had their engines and fuel tanks stripped. I would be buying just the hull and navigation computers, and it would be more expensive to melt them down than to simply have someone take it away. So, I got myself my first ship, a public shuttle: "Party Bus".

Unfortunately for me, since there was no engines or fuel tank I had to replace them. I found some engines that weren't too radioactive and some fuel tanks that wouldn't explode the moment anything was placed inside, and then I had to jump through all sorts of regulatory hoops before I could actually fly the thing. After all of the paperwork and hassle, the performance of my Party Bus was similar to that of a private shuttle. But I saved myself over 200000 credits, so I believe it was quite worth it in the end.

The sad thing is, the new (old) engines and fuel tanks used up almost all the space where the passengers would sit. So, no parties anytime soon. It also looks like something a freebooter would be proud of, so it doesn't really attract the kind of attention I want.