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A while back, when gate 420.C reopened, I decided to make EstaciĆ³n de Amazon my new home. The virile vegetation, fascinating fauna, and the marvelous meals appealed to someone who had lived on the Yards of Gadani, a bleak station where ships go to die.

Unfortunately, this meant I had to move. Since I didn't trust anyone (they could simply run off with my stuff), and shipping fees through jump gates are outrageous, I had to move all of it myself. I knew it wouldn't all fit inside inside my Party Bus (back then, I didn't have my precious Zoomies), so I had to take public transportation.

The trip back to the Yards of Gadani would have taken many segments and a few thousand credits, but I remembered that I already had a clone gestating there that wasn't too out of date. So, I made a plan: get deliberately killed to take the fast route.

I put on a public announcement for deliberate suicide, and someone (contact me if you want direct reference) agreed to do the deed. I left all my possessions at EDA, and travelled to Caen Stronghold, since stations that have Sick Bays have an annoying tendency to try to keep people alive. It was quite painless too, taking only a couple of shots to put me down.

The next thing I knew, I was in a cloning vat on the Yards of Gadani. I spent some time recuperating, and then picked up everything and bought a ticket for the first leg of a long journey back to Barnard's Star.



  1. Remember you'll need to renew your visa at the Jump Gate every 8-10 days if you don't want to be deported from your new home...

  2. My university courses end dates used to coincide with my visa expiry time. Now it's rather inconvenient for me to renew my visa, since I have to travel more frequently. It does give me the excuse to fly my Zoomies!