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As you probably know, yesterday was the 200th Recycle since the Catastrophe. Station Security had asked for more officers to be available for the inevitable drunken bar fights, and I happened to be one of the unlucky sods to be chosen for duty.

On the bright side, I was ordered to work undercover, so I put on some civvies and mingled with the customers. It would look suspicious if I didn't drink anything, so I asked for a beer. Or four. Which became stims followed by tequila. And then a drinking contest (which I won, by the way). Now, in my defence, Moissan is reputed to have the best alcoholic beverages, due to its varied fungi, which means their stuff is strong (even though it may not seem that way at first).

My shift ended, and I managed to make my way out of the bar without hitting too many things. I then had the great idea of performing some extra tasks to earn myself a couple of bonuses. I won a drinking contest, so why not reward myself?

My performance in auditing skyrocketed. Instead of tedious paperwork and review, everything just... made sense. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for working undercover elsewhere. Anyone could see that it was a drunk cop. The moustache and glasses and shirt that read "not a spy" might have hurt my chances slightly. Raiding a residence seemed to be the same, since adrenaline is great at sobering one up.

I decided, after doing more work, to go celebrate some more. I don't remember anything past that, other than waking up in Sick Bay.



  1. This whole Recycle celebration was actually really nice! I had a few beers at the bar on Kobenhavn with a friendly guy from another syndicate - and we had a nice time without drinking too much. I got a present from the syndicate leader and sent some gifts myself. Overall, very relaxed and entertaining experience :)