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I bought a Razorback. She's named "Zoomies" because she's fast.

"Woohoo!" I yelled, as the transaction went through.

"Oh no." my bosses(?) said, when they(?) discovered the purchase.

What could possibly go wrong when an insane pyromaniac operative has one of these?

I'm still paying it off though. moritz was kind enough to lend me some credits. For a fee, of course.



  1. Ah, welcome to the R'back Club! One word of advice: ONLY refuel at Tau Station. The fuel prices anywhere else in the reachable Galaxy are ridiculously higher than there. At some stations in Barnard's Star they want you to pay more than the ship's price for a full tank.

    Another good idea: keep refurbishing it at a shipyard. There you have pros who will do it for you. The alternative is having a breakdown on a station virtually in the middle of nowhere and therefore having to spend endless segments stuck at the docks trying to patch your ship back together.

    Other than that, enjoy the instant departure and the sheer speed you now have. It's really addictive.

  2. Thank you. At what point would it be recommended to refurbish (i.e. at what percentage)?


  3. That's a bit of a personal preference. There are neither government guidelines nor manufacturer recommendations for that limit.

    I know from early-on experience that self-repair at the docks only gets the ship's systems up to 75%, so that would be a natural lower boundary. Personally, I've set a limit of 85%.

  4. Great! Thanks!


  5. Your commemorative mug is quite the masterwork!

  6. Thank you.