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Recently, I've had to travel to some Gaule-affiliated stations for some reason or another, and after being caught sneaking around some sensitive areas, I was tossed in the brig. Unfortunately, due to an oversight on my part, my Visa expired.

Now normally my CORETECHS would alert station security and they would come and deport me to the nearest Consortium station. Instead, my CORETECHS broke. Since I wasn't technically allowed on the station anymore, the station locked me out of every service other than the countdown timer for my release.

This wouldn't have been notable, until security and prison guards started yelling at each other about my deportation, attracting the attention of someone from the Consortium embassy. The resulting argument culminated in me finishing my time, being quickly ushered into a shuttle to the Alpha Centauri Jump Gate, and told to put the embarrassing incident behind.

I make sure to renew my Visa regularly now.