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Eating well

Even though being a Field Agent forces one to be physically fit, I thought about going above and beyond. Why settle for mediocre speed and sub-par strength when I can overcome both with hard work?

For the last few heptadays I collected my daily ration from the government, worked in the gym, recuperated, and repeated the process. But then I thought to myself, isn't there a faster way to get buff? (I avoid drugs and alcohol, since all they do is destroy your mind and body).

I opened my CORETECHS and fired off a few emails. "Is there anyone selling rations?" Luckily for me, my syndicate siblings were willing to lend me some, and I would pay them back later. In total, 12 kg of food was shipped to me on the Yards of Gadani. I picked them up from the confused Parcel Delivery person, and started training.

Do you know how difficult it is to eat 12 kg of food in just a few segments? I spent time on the large machines before opening yet another pack and forcing the contents down my gullet. Several regulars were giving me the stink-eye for hogging the machines, but luckily there was no trouble (well, other than the fact that I felt like I was about to puke all the time).

It was totally worth it. My gains are visible, and I feel... stronger? Faster? Maybe I'll be able to go up a setting on the exercise machines, from "baby" to "easy".


P.S. Eating that much will slow you down; I missed my shuttle.