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In the beginning…

Rebirth was botched. So I’m told. Got over the sickness. My memories are gone. Like lost luggage from a long shuttle flight. Nothing anyone can do. Have a nice day.

Not looking for sympathy. Looking for clues. Found some side work with security. Apparently I know my way around a lounge and I can get people talking.

Not sure what it means. Maybe I was a barkeep in the previous life. I don’t think I was a cop. Their HQ doesn’t feel right.

Bartender said I should write all this down. Maybe it’ll help.

Found a job. More on that next time.

Who am I? A snitch? A detective? Doesn’t feel right.


  1. 'Pologies. I've done a 'lil askin' about for you, but nobody in this port knows anyone by your name 'cept you. At least, nobody who won't fess up for a hefty price tag, and I don't trust those types. -Kit