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Deported by Gaule
My ship is still at their dock
Have to take the bus


    I'm not laughing at you, but
    I'm laughing near you

  2. Visa Renewal
    Is a quick and easy task
    If you plan ahead.

  3. That only works if

    You are on a station with

    A Gaule embassy

  4. Haikus can be fun But sometimes they don’t make sense Hippopotamus

  5. What is this you say?
    What's a hippopotamus?
    Was it deported?

  6. Comment deleted.
  7. It was a creature

    From before the Disaster

    With much teeth and fat

    It was not human

    An animal, not a pet

    Highly dangerous

  8. Like a chicken, then?
    Or more like an elephant?
    Why so many teeth?

    Or, for that matter,
    Is there a strong reason why
    You would bring it up?

    Truthfully, I thought
    We were all responding to
    Gaule Deportation.

  9. I am so sorry For not replying to you I've had work to do

    It is very fat Closer to an elephant But it has no trunk

    This is Tau Station Expect the unexpected Like conversations

  10. Please excuse my friend

    He goes on tangents sometimes

    he is very strange.