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tale the first trapped part two

well lets see where we left off i was about to tell you about his deeds at the embassy raid right? okay so he sat there at his desk when he gets called to the head office for no reason he can think of. He walks down the dimly lit hall towards the lift and gets bumbed by a man speed walking out the gaule embassy building. "Who is that"he says in a british-ish accent. The office of the head of that department of the embassy was dark and smelly,so trey cuts on the light and dashes out the room and jumps out the window. (now your wondering what in the h$#@ did he see to make him do that,well he saw a dead embassy leader and knew who did it and dont worry he is not dead yet just just keep reading k}

We see glass falling and the man from earlyer looks up. Down comes our hero wall running gaining hecka speed on the way down before he jumps on to our murderer crushing him to death because the amount of momentum he gained on the way down. Die you cockameme bastard. Trey turns to walk into the building and sees a gunman standing in the lobby,what does he do.....he runs at him. Now being a belter he is very fast and strong and smart with high social so he stands a chance! Well he would but then he gets a knife to the leg and dives behind a desk! "Hay Trey"says havna the security gaurd. Help me hear,she is shot in the shoulder her leg has a one life kaiken in it and she has a torn outfit. Hay havna what happened you are badly injured? I tried but they are good. Here give me that mama's pride, Take it. Trey grabbed the gun and jumped up in the air and pumped shotgun rounds in the chest of one guy,and lands safely! Phew i did not think that would work hahahahha. Havna....Havna wake up! Oh hay Trey i feel cold. (now you don't know but trey has fallen love in the two years he has been trapped here on kobenhaven so now he is very upset) Raaaaaaghh you will all pay for this!!!!!! Trey charges foward with the mama's pride.

Bang bang bang he fires shot after shot charging at the closest enemy than drops it when it jams,Damn well i will have to use this(well trey has an antique tanto the only remenant of his mother so he keeps it and now must use it) Hay one lifes. Yeah? eat this yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Trey charged and chopped 3 down before a bullet hit him in the leg and he fell in to havna's lap. He gets to his knees and sees that there are 8 more enemies. Damn it fine they will find me unconceus but atleast havina will likely live this way.Bullets fly past his head he stands and slowly looks up "saidroheckimain" he says and gets ouder has he draws his blade and a green dragon appears and follows the sword. DIE YOU BASTARDS!!!!!

What happened here chief? I dunno when we got here there were a lot of dead one lives and a man and woman receptionist male and gaurd woman both have dead. Dang hope moemedi is has good has they say.

                                                                                                                                        - the end


  1. Nice blog title. 2018 FOB starts playing