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tale the first trapped

The third sun of Amend 6 shines on a burning seen of death and evil,has our story begins we see a world being destroyed by some unknown force. People running,screaming,and death. (1 hour later) We see a woman with brown hair and blue eyes she is kept in a cell with no way for the outside to see her because, every time her captors see her she seduces even the most strong willed and escapes! I want my child now you $#@%holes! Oh shut up, you will have to die first. (mean while on Amend 6) We hear crying, we see a wall crumble, and see a child sad,alone,and we see he has a blue symbol of the dragon sin of wrath on his face.

14 years later........... A man walks threw tau station looking for a boy with a dragon on his face. Why? He stole his wallet. Our hero starts a criminal but soon finds he loses his chaser at the cloning station, he sneaks in to a tour group and continues on. Soon after a while of this he finds him self watching a man screw with a ladies pod and shouts "hay..can i have your money mister killer."has he smirks. The man runs but not before messing up the pod the hero has a choice save girl kill girl and he saves her has you all expected.soon our hero is on kobenhaven to find the ladies stuff. After 3 days the hero gets a job working for the shipyard,then he works for the goverment after a month and gets promoted to a high paying govermental role. He finds out the lady from before needs his help back on tau but he is traped for 2 years before he gets back to tau! he left tau with just enough credits for lunch,but came back with thousands of dollars in just 2 years!!!! but that is this story ain't it? Well lets begin.

our hero lands on kobenhaven and instantly starts working on ships,since always wanted his own. he then needs more cash so he does odd jobs and gets put in sick bay a lot. After a month he finds the theif who stole from the lady although he chases the theif escapes back to tau! Our hero tries to chase him back to tau but can't pay for a shuttle,so he goes to work for the goverment has a receptionist which he hated because of all the sitting still. He loved when the gov't center got raided and because his brave efforts to stop the raid he go.................WAIT! i nearly forgot to tell you his efforts. buuuuuut we are out of time see you tomarrow for more tales of "THE TALES OF THE DARING SPACE TRAVELING HELPING MAN"