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The Coin (part 1)

This log was found on Taungoo Station, in the Anima HQ Cloning Facility by an unnamed worker. The data is heavily corrupt and shows obvious signs of tampering.

Begin log

Date: [DATA EXPUNGED] (tracing the date shows that it is from 194.22/87)


Jesus Christ, how do I even start this... Today one of our clones started behaving really erratically. That by itself isn't very weird, but it suddenly started to force the gestation pod open. Our staff member on call at that time, A̷̧̨̲͔͎̥̼̽̈̓Ä̸̟̝́̆͗̎Ȧ̷͚̫̱͔͈͖͕͂̽͐̍͐̑͘͘͝ͅ guessed that the opening mechanism was broken (the pods open automatically when the clone is activated) and that the clone had been activated, and could not get out. He followed procedure and ran a scan of the clone, showing that it was not, in fact, active. By now the clone was literally bashing itself into bits trying to get out. A̷̧̨̲͔͎̥̼̽̈̓Ä̸̟̝́̆͗̎Ȧ̷͚̫̱͔͈͖͕͂̽͐̍͐̑͘͘͝ͅ, against proper judgment, opened the pod, seeking to neutralize it before it harms itself even more than it already has. It lunged out and attacked A̷̧̨̲͔͎̥̼̽̈̓Ä̸̟̝́̆͗̎Ȧ̷͚̫̱͔͈͖͕͂̽͐̍͐̑͘͘͝ͅ, which is something the clone, a 3D printed shell with no mind or driving consciousness, should have been able to do. It managed to knock out A̷̧̨̲͔͎̥̼̽̈̓Ä̸̟̝́̆͗̎Ȧ̷͚̫̱͔͈͖͂̽͐̍͐̑͘͘͝ͅ almost immediately, and then pushed A̷̧̨̲͔͎̥̼̽̈̓Ä̸̟̝́̆͗̎Ȧ̷͚̫̱͔͈͖͕͂̽͐̍͐̑͘͘͝ͅ into the tank and sealed it. The clone then SOMEHOW managed to override the security door and escape the facility through an air vent. Why wasn't security dispatched immediately? Well, I still don't know how this happened, but at the time it managed to escape the facility, ALL OF THE CAMERAS IN THE WHOLE HQ WERE DISABLED. The boys in the Security room thought it was just a simple power outage (and apparently a cable busted, so they weren't wrong), but for a power outage to happen that conveniently for the SOMEHOW sentient clone to escape just doesn't line up.

Station Security managed to catch it in the ruins today, and you won't believe what it was doing. It had gotten some poor rat and was dismembering it with a rusty knife that it picked up somewhere. I saw the pictures, and i'm sick to the stomach just thinking about that. Usually I don't give a flying fuck about the rats, but wow.

I'm talking about the human ruins rats btw.

They brought it to the station and questioned it. It didn't say anything, so they started torturing it. It still didn't say anything. It didn't even scream or pass out, which quoting the interrogators: "Scared the shit out of me for some reason". Apparently I have a court hearing tomorrow, about the whole thi

Log End

This Station Security file was found in a locked cabinet in the Taungoo Station Archives. The individual that found it also noted there were several other files, but they were too damaged to be legible. No digital backup copies of this file exist.

Station Security Debriefing Report #303/453/932

Tags: Homicide / Clones

Yesterday at /60:018 a clone belonging to station resident Yang Xiu (see attached file) escaped the Anima Foundation, trapping a single janitor (Ser Douglas Glass) inside of a cloning tank. Douglas Glass was not injured.

The clone then escaped to Dilapidated Shipyard #34-A, where they remained for around 40 segments. During that time, the clone somehow managed to remove it’s locator chip in the back of its neck. The Anima Foundation includes a locator chip on it’s clones in the case of clone theft.

According to our investigations, it then proceeded down Abandoned Mass Fusion Shaft #50B, called by locals the “Wu Di Keng”, or the Bottomless Abyss. Our field officers and units were unable to proceed down this shaft for technical reasons.

The clone climbed back up the shaft at /05:432 the next day, and then armed itself with a sharp cooking utensil from an abandoned house. It then proceeded to locate one of the locals, a “ruins rat”, and violently disember her with the cooking utensil.

The autopsy shows that the body’s left leg and left arm were completely severed and then thrown aside. The head was partially severed, and the eyes had been gouged out and placed inside of the corpse's mouth. Twenty (20) wounds were inflicted upon the right leg, and eight (8) wounds were inflicted on the right arm for a total of twenty-eight (28) incisions in all.

The local SS heard the screaming of the victim, and came to the scene to find the clone painting a mural on the wall with the victim's blood. Images of the corpse and the mural are attached.

The mural depicts a very crudely drawn symbol that resembles a cross inside of a circle. Text resembling “RAq or RA9” were written around the symbol in a circle.

Once it had been discovered, the clone did not resist being brought back to the station.

During questioning, it did not give any information, even under intense interrogation.

|> End briefing