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My experience fighting

Fighting: A core part of the world after the catastrophe. The rumor that Haeresene "self control" being extra potent apparently was an outright fabrication. Every tenspan, I decide to pick a fight in the ruins and always, I repeat, ALWAYS, get oneshotted by some street 3rd level dillweed. It probably does not help that my stats are so far behind that I can't see them and that the only two stats I care about are social (for work) and stamina (for digging around in the ruins) I have decided to refrain from attacking people and getting hurt, but watch me in another week lol

This reminds me of the one time I saw someone really good in combat. About a month ago, I saw someone that was at least lv20 fighting some random scum in the sewers at Kobehavn. I had no idea why he was there, only that the fight was over very quickly. He just pulled out a gun and bam! its over.

I wonder if I can get that good someday...