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My Pilgrimage to the Yards of Gadani

After a long week of doing nothing but signing contracts in Tau Station, I decided that I needed a vacation. And where else to go but to the fabled Yards of Gadani?

Not only is this the home station of my syndicate (TAU), but I have heard many travelers talk excitedly about it's magnificent port and it's spectacular, almost legendary ship breaking yards. I spent a good chunk of my vacation savings and caught the interstellar shuttle here. Everything is like they described, from the strange dip in the banks floor to the low gravity gym. I marveled in wonder as I saw the ship breaking yard and the fleet of shining ships outside the station.

I picked my way through the decimation of the ruins carefully, looking for exotic items that I would normally be able to find (I found nothing except for a sharpened shiv, which I kept as a momento.) I found a couple of ruins rat hanging out, and avoided them (Im a level six weakling with little to no experience fighting, or winning anyway)

I saw the TAU recruitment posters pinned to the employment and government centers, and was reminded of the old days when I first saw their flyers. Since then, they have never ceased to surprise me with their abnormal caring and help, helping me survive in a very, very hostile world. The highlight of my pilgrimage was my visit to the ship docks, where I saw Moritz's ship (and the oldest registered ship around) The %'s. It was gleaming in it's dock, and I found a few other travelers also marveling at it.

All in all, this trip was fantastic and completely worth it.