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Nomad's diary

I had just recently realized that I have not been on a single station for more than a day, which shocked me.

I remember vaguely in my past life that I was a very careful kind of person, not willing to step outside of my own ship, the Invictus Triglav. Yes, I flew around the systems and went from station to station, but whenever I left my ship I remember I had my hand on my katana and stims hanging from my belt, cautious on the verge of being like a coward. Now, I jump from station to station in the Sol system, always traveling with little less than my trusty Kukri and Tanto at my belt, both small knives.

What could have caused this transformation? Will I ever know? And why don't I remember anything useful from my past life?

I could blame it on the cloning technicians on Tau Station, but I think it is something more. Another strange thing is that when I checked the logbooks of every ship that has ever been registered, my faithful Invictus Triglav was not there. It had been wiped from the records, I am sure of it.

But today while on the shuttle, I realized something that scared me. What if the Invictus Triglav never existed? It is shocking, as I remember every detail of that ship, and it is beyond me how I could create those memories from nothing.

Then another thought came and scared me even more.

Although I know every detail of that ship, inside and out, I do not know how to fly it.

Maybe I am just overthinking things.