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Dumb Poetry - not haiku

As I sit here in the sick bay waiting for my broken body to heal, I composed some dumb poetry.

In the beginning, man ruled the earth. In the beginning, man looked skyward. Conquering stars and defying death, The wave of man was one of steel.

Colors flash and straight lines bend, The heart pounds and logic fails. Iron though strong, it has to rust, Steel wills can still be broken.

Chaos reigned for a hundred segments, for once mankind was brought down low. Man was smited by technology, Stations broken by an unseen hand.

But in the black, the stars advanced. But in the black, the little lights danced. Hope was not the first step towards disappointment, it ushered in a new age.

The heart of mankind will never fade, beating forever in the boundless abyss. Two systems and stations three times four, we cannot be held down forever.