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Poetry & Blogs & a short story or two

Stuff in development:

-A series (The Coin) about the Free AI, a group of pre-catastrophe AI's, powerful and elusive

-Maybe some bits and pieces of the Folklore of Taungoo Station?


As always, i'm open to new ideas and constructive criticism!


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204.40/85:811 GCT
Why im in the Brig
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204.39/87:461 GCT
Nomad's diary
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204.39/86:902 GCT
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204.38/84:860 GCT
Flying around Sol
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204.38/83:265 GCT
Im so pathetic - haiku
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204.35/90:779 GCT
Ruins multi-haiku
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204.35/90:518 GCT
Dumb Poetry - not haiku
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204.35/88:959 GCT