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Hey there everypeoples! Welcome to my blog

I'm syrik. You can usually find me either workin in the port, chugging a brew at the inn or doing odd jobs in different locations throughout the station. I guess if I'm gonna talk about anything, it'll be my experience so far after arriving a few days back. The place does seem to have a pretty diverse population with all the different genotypes we've got now. I'm a Mall if you were wondering. Might think of us as dumb brutes, but I've learned quite a bit in my time here. Most of the time I read tech manuals or publications on engineering or ship design. Part of my job as a port technician.

Anyway, Most folks here seem decent, although I wouldn't leave creds laying around in plain sight. I've done jobs that are both on the up and up and...not so much. Generally simple tasks like find a person, retrieve an object, or fix something that's broken, yada yada yada.. Pretty standard stuff. What I'm aiming for though is to either build or buy a ship for commercial transport. Either freight or passengers, I'm not really picky at this point. but I guess I'll need to get alot more specific when the time comes to actually find or build the ship.

Mostly just surviving now while making enough to have a roof over my head along with enough to buy the gear I need and a drink at the bar sometimes. I'm also interested in hooking up with a syndicate and helping to form a team to make more money and somehow move on up in the world.

that's all for later. for now, I have work to do. Get your asses on over to the port or the inn if you wanna say Howdy.

Alright, off I go Stay frosty out there everybloody!

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