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#0001 Day one

It has been thirty days. “Time heels”, they said. But feelings are deeply engraved in my own nervous system. I still remember that day as intensely as if I am still there.

Memories start with intermittent flashes of voices and lights, mixed with the visceral effort to engulf air. My mind kept asking the same question over and over, but it took several minutes for my muscles to babbled something that resembled “where am I?”.

Finally, they kept throwing me all the answers as uninterruptedly as a machine gun shoots at an invisible enemy: - “Take deep breaths”; - “You’re in a Clone Facility”; - “It’s all about to come naturally to you”; - “Sir, just wait and you will remember everything in a while, and recognise every corner of Tau Station”.

I’m still waiting for that day...


  1. I experienced the same thing, and I found much condescension and arrogance among the station officials whom I asked about the whole thing. They tell me there was an orientation, but when I deny any memory of it, well, of course, I am a colonist, and I have a bad attitude, which I don't, but who cares, right?
    I do hope your transition is a little less tenuous, but I guess the first thing you have to accept is that we all (well, most of us) are indeed clones, and that is just the way it is.
    What he told you about the CoreTechs, . . . not entirely true, but effectively, in time, yes, you should come to recognize Tau Station's layout and resources.
    Oh, and, . . . nothing in this universe seems natural, so I have difficulty imagining anything coming naturally. Never trust what they tell you unless you can verify it. Take it from a "collie," I know.
    But who cares, right?