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Carry That Weight

Perhaps trying to move everything I own in one go isn't the wisest decision I've ever made. Still, with Jump Gates opening to new systems seemingly every cycle or so, my storage space at Yards of Gadani is no longer conveniently located--in fact, it's been a couple of tenspans since I visited the Alpha Centauri system at all. I need a more centralized stash.

After pondering a bit, I decide that the Sol Jump Gate would be an ideal location to store all my spare gear. "All roads lead to Sol," as they say... in other words, no matter which system you start in or which system you're heading for, you need to change shuttles at the Sol Gate. I figure I'll be passing through often enough that I'll be able to pick up and drop off equipment as needed without an extensive detour. Sounds like a plan.

Now sure, I could've just had everything shipped to Sol... but University courses haven't been getting any cheaper, so I'm economizing on every credit I can. Because I am Extremely Smartâ„¢, I therefore decide that I will move it all manually. So I take the Defatigable through the Jump Gate, park it at the AC end, and hop a public shuttle to the Yards.

Once there, I head to storage and begin loading up. I quickly run out of holsters, scabbards, belt loops, and pockets for my assorted weapons, and even more quickly discover that there is a limit to how many suits, jackets, cloaks, and armor systems I can wear layered on top of one another. By the time I fish out the final Dur-Zip-Zap with the tip of my one remaining pinky, I'm nigh invisible under the mountain of equipment.

I can't see a gorram thing past all this dren I'm hauling around, so I rely on my CORETECHS to guide me back to the local shuttles. It is extraordinarily slow going: the effort of every single step seems enough to wind me. Not anxious to return to Sick Bay, I proceed with agonizing slowness, careful to take deep breaths and to ensure that I can handle each new sluggish step before taking it.

Finally, after at least two full segments, I make it to the shuttle terminal and purchase a ticket back to the AC Gate. As I crawl toward the shuttle boarding area, however, I realize that I have a fairly serious problem...

What are the odds Security will let a ridiculously heavily armed civilian, bristling with weapons and armors of all sorts, aboard a public shuttle?

...Pretty good, as it turns out (to my astonishment). Consy Security couldn't care less, waving me through as if I were carrying nothing more than a couple of wires or a handful of scrap metal. And luckily there's almost no one else on the flight, so I'm able to dump my burden unceremoniously onto a few empty seats and relax my aching muscles for the duration of the trip.

Upon arrival at the AC Jump Gate, I painstakingly reassemble my absurd load and gingerly exit the shuttle. I proceed to the Docks at my now-accustomed Regulan bloodworm's pace, but when I reach the Defatigable, I encounter an unexpected difficulty:

I can't get through the frelling hatch!

Seriously. I try it sideways. I try it backwards. I try wobbling back and forth diagonally. I contort myself into the most bizarre poses I can imagine, coming with a hair's breadth of dropping everything I'm carrying. It's all no use: for whatever reason, I simply cannot get my feet over the threshold with this load.

I fume. So much for saving credits; I'll have to take another public shuttle through the Gate after all. And then take another one back to retrieve the Defatigable. It's still probably cheaper than shipping everything would have been, but it's quite frustrating nonetheless.

It takes a segment to trudge to the Bank and withdraw enough credits for the trip (plus the stupid fee). It takes another segment to trudge back to the Port and head for Interstellar Shuttles. All this time, I'm checking my CORETECHS obsessively, keeping an eye out for any other people coming near me: I'm well aware that this barely ambulatory pile of junk must present a rather tempting target for anyone looking to score a few hundred credits by sending me to Sick Bay. It's not as if I could flee, or dodge, or do anything else to defend myself!

Fortunately, I somehow make it to the shuttle without incident, and collapse across a row of seats. I'm asleep before the cabin door whispers shut.

So here I am, finally on the Sol Jump Gate, precariously balancing all this stuff, ready to drop it all into storage and return to moving at a normal pace. But it seems I've forgotten one teensy little detail:


I should've remembered that. Or I should've checked my CORETECHS. I mentally kick myself. Repeatedly. And very, very hard.

Well, there's nothing I can do about it now. I'll have to head to a different station and leave everything there. At least it'll still be in Sol. I painfully maneuver my cumbersome payload back to Local Shuttles, and use the last of my credits to purchase a ticket to the nearest Consortium station.

Man, I cannot wait to stash all this stuff in storage on Taungoo!


  1. I feel for you, Ser Shadow, since I have been pondering similar thoughts for a while now.

    Only I came to the conclusion that it would be wiser to amp up our lobbying efforts with the Administration. Our current goal (however unattainable it may seem right now) is to extend the private ship piloting license to include cargo-bearing vessels. You are more than welcome to join our lobbying efforts.