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Bloody Murder

You can hear echoes of it throughout the mesh.

You can practically smell it in the stale recycled air.

Someone--or something--is murdering its way across the 'verse, leaving only corpses in its wake.

It moves from station to station, from system to system, seemingly at random, slaughtering everyone it encounters.

It preys on high and low alike, rich and poor, young and old, the novice and the experienced.

Fear governs the masses. Few dare step outside the safety of their rooms or their ships nowadays for even half a segment.

Some victims try to flee, and it laughs. It enjoys the chase.

Others try to defend themselves, but always in vain. It is impossibly powerful.

Your only hope is to see it before it sees you. And run immediately. And hide.

It kills entire station populations, and revels in their misery.

It lurks in Sick Bay, waiting for its victims to recover, then murders them again.

It kills without reason.

It kills without purpose.

It kills without mercy.

It kills without conscience.

It kills just because it can.

And it has a name: