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Under the weather

Weird phrase that, under the weather, from what I understand of living on Terra we were always under some weather. Not being under weather meant you were sucking vacuum. Something generally not recommanded.

Anyway I have been feeling sick for the last few days. I blame it on Daedalus, something about that place gives me the creeps. Maybe it's because I was born a clone, a genetic melding of my fathers DNA to make a new person. I'm pretty sure this would brand me some kind of abomination in the eyes of the Promethean's.

While I was really bad, laid up in my room in the Wayfarer I had a theory, whatever it was I had was a genetically engineered plague aimed at wiping out clones... It really felt like I was dying. The medtech who saw me scoffed and said it was man-flu, I'll never understand women. I'd believe the plague theory if it wasn't for the fact that the Promethean's would probably view that as sinful. Nice to know their crazy beliefs are stopping them wiping us out because of their crazy beliefs.