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Things I've realised

I had a very sheltered upbringing. At the time I thought I was a rebel and party animal but actually my Dad's were letting me dive into hedonism while hiding the realities of the world from me.

Sitting on a ship en route to Daedalus I can only ask why? Was it just that I didn't listen to them (which admittedly I did not)? Was it that they were trying to hide their secrets from me? But... why have me, why go through the hassle of having a melded clone born with their shared DNA if they just wanted to hide things from me.

And not just their lives, their real lives, but the truths about the world. The more I travel the more I find out the universe is so much more complex and broken than I thought. And I wonder if there is a deeper reason for my existence.

But.... maybe I'm just thinking this to keep telling myself I'm special. That I've got more purpose than just as a space bum drifting between stations.

Not long now I hope. I wonder what Daedalus is like?