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Working all hours

I guess there's a bright side to everything. My life until last week was basically... yeah useless. I spent my time partying, hooking up and generally not doing much.

I died a few times, but who doesn't? Dad always paid for my clones and they were good. Right up until the last time of course. That time I woke up and everything was fuzzy. My memories shot to hell and my body! It's, so, flabby!

That's when I found out about the explosion, and the investigation into my Dad's. It was only the fact that I'd be found to have no links to their activities meant I got the body I'm now in.

Luckily I had some bonds put aside but... I've had to get a job! Working in the Port. I have plans. But right now it's just a long hard slog to get anywhere.

Still... Maybe it's good. I've helped some people out and that felt good. And I've made some contacts which will be good in the future.

Still best I get back down to the docks and do some ship inspections. There's a load of courses I need to retake and they don't pay for themselves.