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I found that the best way to make credits without gaining xp was to buy highly-prized packs of Vaccaro-Ibrahim particles off of the shady vendors at various stations for 290 bonds funded from my career payments, then sell it to fellow citizens for 100 thousand credits. There seems to always be a willing buyer for these packs, and I gained a considerable amount of wealth selling 2 of these packs consecutively to the same buyer, who also graciously paid the 20k in market fees to put them up. After a couple of tenspans, I had amassed a considerable wealth of 300k. However, I foolishly burned through all of this money buying a lot of rations, although for a fairly cheap price. I'll just have to wait until a willing buyer comes, and I could make a good profit. Until then, I'll have to make do with a measly few ten thousand to travel.