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Writing this while waiting in a journey to Alpha Centauri.

I had started to play on Tau Station several months/weeks ago. Is there any way to tell when I joined? Anyways, you just need to know that I'm a relatively new player. As soon as I started I was pretty hyped to play, and of course, being the incredibly wise person I am, spent my first few segments on Tau Station doing some really stupid stuff.

Firstly, I saw that I could buy clones for a couple thousand credits, which seemed an impossible amount of money to me at the time. I wanted to buy a clone because I was afraid that if I died, I would have to make a new account and start over if I didn't have a clone. Of course, buying a clone is pretty much useless unless you're going to a station without a med bay. But, I didn't know this at the time, and I thought I needed that clone.

I grinded credits from my career tasks to try to buy it. After a few minutes, I realized that I wasn't making any money because my "Focus" was too low. So, I went to the government center to get a ration. At this point, I only had 200 credits from my career tasks. Obviously, I needed a better way to make money. After getting a ration, I realized player in the game got only one ration per day, so I reasoned I could sell my ration at a high price and some high-level player would buy it. I didn't know the state of the economy in the game at the time, so of course I immediately sold my ration for 3000 credits.

The next day, I logged on to find someone had actually bought it, even though, as I found out later, [TAU] sells T1 rations for only 1000 credits. For the next few days, I grinded credits by doing career tasks and selling rations. I wasted pretty much all of my "New Citizen" rations doing this, which I regret now because I'm grinding my stats and need those. Anyhow, I wasted about 5k of my precious money buying two clones, which, I found out, are completely useless.

Not to worry, I've improved at the game since then .... well except for that time when I wasted 10k in credits frantically traveling between systems to renew my visa. But let's just ignore that.


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