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Low and Slow

I've been poking around Tau Station for a little while now - everything's been going relatively smoothly, albeit almost too smoothly.

It's a bit too boring for my tastes.

Or, so I thought. After several days, segments -- timekeeping is far from one of my specialties -- of training up my skills, completing missions, and performing work in...several capacities, I figured there was more to be desired in some nearby systems. I mean, if I was aiming to work my way up the ranks in business, surely I'd better get some interstationary travel under my belt, right?

Long story short is I'm out several hundred credits and right back where I started. Apparently, men of my skillset aren't as in-demand outside of Tau Station as I had originally anticipated. A bad deal on my part, but an honest mistake.

But no matter. Tau Station has plenty of facilities -- perfect for honing my skills more. The University classes offered here are superb; I'm sure ship engineering and combat lessons are worthy investments for the somewhat-near-future (again, the timekeeping, not my strongsuit). What's more, I've just been promoted! I'll earn back that lost income in no time, which is even more a reason to stick close to home for now.

I guess the near-future -- the actually near future, the near-near-future -- will be spent gathering as many resources as I can, and it's the perfect time to work on self-improvement (my gym performance has been excellent as of late). To make things even better, if I can rack up a few more promotions, that's easy money right here, and with no bank withdrawal fees.

I guess keeping my head down and focusing on work, both on myself and on my career, is the best bet for now. Patience is a virtue I'm afraid I'll have to force myself to gain, especially if I want to prepare myself for tougher business on down the road. We'll just have to see if this self-improvement stint includes character development as well.