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Location: Wakizashi Jump Gate

Area: Port> Docks

“You exit the underground tunnel and hover across the borders of Wakizashi.”

“Acceleration particles breeze through the docks as clouds of radioactive molecular concoctions cluster the sky…”

“You stay focused on your display panel as you read through the Journals transmitted in your neural network from the recent upgrade.”

“The desolate landscapes were filled with frontier inhabitants as they lay groundwork for the rehabilitation of the fauna and flora of this planet. Shuttles go in and out of orbit as they transport materials to the ports of Wakizashi.”

Journal [198.122/199]

“Never has there been a more compatible planet for vegetation than Wakizashi. Former Earth was once a pristine vessel to proliferate organisms which can sustain life. Terrains give enough room for vegetation while other organism developed as inhabitants of the surface. The so called “Ecosystem” maintained the fine balance between this sets of life form.”

“How can we not face the fact that this planet is the most suitable place for refuge…”

“The perfect sanctuary”

-Dr. Wakizashi

Security: Ser Ploximity. We have arrived at the destination.

“You immediately snapped out of focus and regain awareness to your surroundings.”

Me: That was fast…

Me: My gratitude kind Ser. Thanks.

“You exit the vehicle and proceed to the docks…”

To be Continued


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