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“The pods open and released you in your inanimate state.”

“A slight thud in the pod made you realize your now awake and in a weaken state.”

“You gently open your eyes as bright lights pierces through your vision. Dazed and confused, you try to shake the feeling of lucidity as you slowly regain your sensation and motor skills.”

Ser Ploximity???

Fe: Ploximity?

Me: Hello!?

Fe: Welcome back Ploximity, we have completed the neural network upgrade and are currently monitory the status of your nanite upgrade. You will be transferred into the facility’s infirmary for nanite recalibration and recovery. Please orient yourself for the meantime.

Fe: We are looking forward for your quick recovery to begin the next phase of our operation. Be assured that your vitals were fine during the upgrade procedure and no critical hiccups were encountered during the process.

Me: Good to know that but I can manage to walk myself down the infirmary. Please upload me the directions towards the nearest room.

Fe: You are indeed an extraordinary civilian Ser Ploximity.

Fe: Please proceed to the next room.

“You picked yourself up and stagger along the door as you exit the chamber.”


“A few segments later…”

Fe: Congratulations Ploximity! After close inspection we can finally conclude that the upgrade was successful and your nanites are now enhanced for some serious space navigation. We shall proceed with the first phase of the operation. Please feel free to roam the facility as we prepare the necessary supplies needed for the Navigation Test.

A.)Look around.

B.)Stay in the room.


  1. choose option A

    choose option B