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System Security: Loading Complete...

"Suddenly your CORETHECHS navigation panel displays the Wakizashi Embassy Crest"

System Security: Congratulations! You are now registered as a Test Navigation Pilot with level 5 restriction.

System Security: Please proceed into the fusion chamber for nanites upgrade.

"The tile compound on the floor suddenly lifts up as it reveals a series of hatch for genetic transplant and upgrade. Upon full display of the technology, a path of light directs you from your starting point unto an empty pod filled with translucent plasma."

Communication module:

Fe: Ploximity. Navigate yourself to the pod and be ready for an involuntary loss of consciousness. We shall closely monitor your vitals and personal neural network during the upgrade. Please feel free to ask anything before we proceed.

Me: How many segments would the upgrade and modifications last?

Fe: It usually lasts for 1200 segment to complete the upgrade. This Modification is of Non-Civilian grade and will enhance your nanites resistance to the ware and tare of space navigation. Inclusive of this upgrade is a neural network course in space survival and communications.

Me: Sweet! Let us proceed.

"You immediately follow the path and hopped into the pod."

Fe: Please refrain yourself from having direct contact to the pods supply valves.

"Plasma began to fill the bottom of the pods as you slowly loss consciousness"

(To be Continued)


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