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ME: PLEASE… Hear me out.

Me: I did not use any form of trickery in acquiring this security sequence. Maverick just installed this sequence without my consent and I just followed his instructions in order to perform the task.

Fe: Brig records show that you have been tied to several mishaps on other Stations and you seemed to be no stranger in dangerous situations! Explain yourself!

“As you were about to explain, another security approached Fe while whispering with an odd tone.”

“You focus your senses and try to hear out their conversation.”

Security: “Iron Lady” Fe… It is most likely that this person was recruited by Maverick on the spot without having knowledge of his background profile. Knowing that it’s Maverick It is most likely that he had contact with this individual during the morning CORETECHS maintenance. Maybe Maverick had his reasons for picking this guy.

Fe: Seems plausible. Top did say that Maverick was about to upgrade blank CORETECHS on Borris’s office.

Fe: Stand down… Lower your guards.

“I felt a sign of relief once I noticed that the Security was holding down their weapons and resumed a standby position”

Fe: Pardon my inhospitality Ploximity.

Fe: Please proceed with the tests and take your time to debrief yourself.

“You approach the control panel and linked your genetic sequence on the facilities neural network”


(To be Continued)


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