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Clank! Clank! Clank!

“The sound of metals made as it clamps down on the levitating platforms to lock it in place.”

System Security: Welcome to the testing chamber. Please disinfect your suits to commence motion and reflex navigation tests.

Fe: Ploximity, this is protocol. Please proceed with the examination in this chamber while we move towards the control room. I believe your CHORETECHS will be linked into the neural network of this facility as soon as you provide your genetic sequence on that corner panel of this room. We will be closely monitoring your actions and bodily response to these tests stimulus. Please proceed with caution.

Me: But I thought Maverick already had access to my CORETECHS information and modification.

Fe: I believe you have not known that man. That idiot happens to be a savant when it comes to CORETECHS, neural networks, interstellar navigation and security breach technology. He can swiftly access anyone’s core data without being caught by the high level built in securities of those core’s. The so called unbreachable security was just to ease the public from safety panic. And the existence of this man is unheard of.

Fe: But of course the guy is like Anti-Matter, you can only have a handful of this talent in the entire constellation. BUT STILL!!! HE IS AN IDIOT!

Fe: Giving random strangers level 5 Access to this facility! A COMPLETE IMBICILE! IM GONNA KNOCK SOME SENSES TO THAT GUY THE NEXT TIME WE MEET!!!

“Fe began to steam up and displays great annoyance towards you as she skims through her CORETECHS information panel.”


“Security began to form an assault position trying to apprehend a target… and which seems to be You!”

“Beads of sweat start to surface in different parts of my body as I realize that I’m about to be apprehended with violence”

“You raised your hands and began to distance yourself from any device that you were carrying.”

[Course of Action]

A.)Take the chance and make a run for it!

B.) Talk your way out of the situation and reason with logic.


  1. choose option A

    choose option B