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“Deafening silence filled the docks as your group traverse through a narrow path which connects the docks and the satellite office of C.T. Research Department. Citizens outside the fence gossip and stare as your party enters the fortified doors of the testing facility before fading into the mist of acceleration particles.”

“As Fe approach the laboratory… the cube attached in your suit emits an unknown form of light frequency. This frequency seems to trigger your CORETECHS language translation module.

Bzzzt. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

HuG: Security sequence detected…

HuG: Commencing activation sequence…

(The cube folds between angles and revealed blank compartments before turning into a wrist hologram.)

“Confused… you try to tap into the hologram and there was no response.”

“Fe stands before the fortified doors.”

System Security: Please enter Access sequence.

“Fe navigates through the panels and plugs a genetic key sequence unto the fortified doors”

System Security: Access Granted. Welcome back Director.

Me: Why is security this tight?

Fe: Ploximity, it is a restricted area because this building also serves as a warehouse for collision particles which are used in shuttle generators and as an archive for Expedition Maps which are not yet available to the public.

Me: So why build the facility far away from the main office?

Fe: For mobility and security purposes. The site must make sure that the availability of these materials are kept in secret. The quantity of these resources must never reach the public to avoid Galactic Outlaws from causing troubles in this Station.

Me: Oh... I see.

“As we approach the open doors of the facility, levitating platforms descends upon our path and carried us unto the main testing lobby.”

(to be continued)


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