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Location: Wakizashi Jump Gate

Mission: Test Navigation Pilot

Area: Celestial Transport Research Department NPC: Maverick (Interstellar Navigation Savant of Wakizashi C.T. Reasearch Department)

“Citizens hustle and gather as officials announced the list of breakthroughs on Shuttle Research and Jump Gate Developments throughout the Galaxy. Trying to avoid the commotion, you sneaked into a private path which cuts across the lobby and unto an office labeled [Research Institute Pilot]”

“Following the private path, you pass through the crowd and managed to breeze your way through the lobby and into a room filled with blank CORETECHS which had a strange silhouette of a man tinkering around like clockwork.”

Strange Man: Hello there young fellow! I’m Maverick.

Maverick: You seem to be new... Are you here for the Job? (Paused for a moment then grabs hold of his modified CORETECHS, as it lights up… your own CORETECHS seems to communicate with it in response to his tinkering.)

Maverick: Let me check on my list of Registered Shuttle Navigators. (Continues with his CORETECHS navigation panel)

Maverick: Aha!!! Ser Ploximity you seemed to be a Registered Shuttle Navigator. Would you be interested in testing out a shuttle for us?

[Y/N] (Accept the mission?)

N: Pardon Ser Maverick, but I was just trying to navigate my way out of the crowd and stumbled here by accident. (Stop Reading)

Y: Continue Reading

Ploximity: Sure thing…

Maverick: That would be great! This shuttle is a first of its kind and never been into production anywhere in the galaxy. Here, let me upload this authorization sequence to your CORETECHS and then just try to find Fe in the docks for further instructions.

Location: Wakizashi Jump Gate

Area: Port>Docks>NPC

“In the hustle and bustle of the ports of Wakizashi lies a dock which is only accessible by authorized citizens. It is highly guarded and it has been rumored that security in this area are given no restrictions in prosecuting intruders.”

“ Having the authorization sequence, you entered the highly secured dock with an unrestricted access to all of its facility and shuttles.”

NPC “Iron Lady” Fe: (Head of C.T. Research and Production)

Fe: So! Ploximity, granting that you are here I assume that you were given access by Maverick.

Me: Indeed, Maverick asked me if I could do a job in testing the new Shuttle into orbit. He gave me an authorization sequence then told me to approach you here in the docks for further instructions.

Fe: Fair enough. Let us proceed.

Fe: Ploximity, by theory, you are about to test a shuttle capable of Interstellar travel at speeds unheard of at any Port in this Civilization. The shuttle technology is capable of navigating between Jump Gates within a couple of segments and is highly unstable for civilian transport.

Fe: To further proceed with our research. We need to test the stress level of each material to some degree. This is a sequence of predetermined jump from one Station to another under controlled navigation speeds. Please do note that the materials which are installed in this Shuttle has a built in monitoring system which directly sends information to our research facility.

Fe: To ensure the safety our tests and materials Maverick has already installed the necessary navigation panels and alarms in your CORETECHS to proceed in tracing your vitals and location.

Fe: Before I forget. Here! (A cube of unknown origin flies into the air)

“You managed to catch the cube and examined it thoroughly”

Fe: It’s an AI capable of human interaction and will serve as an emergency beacon in case of an emergency. Take it! Maverick developed HuG(Humanoid Gadget) as a guardian for its Pilot.

Me: How do we proceed?

Fe and a Squad of Security accompany you towards a testing facility… (to be continued)


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