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I Got 5 on It

... to reprise an expression from Before.

After long hard segments, days, tenspans, even cycles at the docks and shipyards, after numerous illicit missions, after some business ventures it has finally happened:

I Got 5 on It

By "it" I mean my bank account. And by "5" I mean million credits. About three cycles after my previous milestone I have now reached another one. Which leads me straight to a second saying from the olden days.

Now if there only was a new space-faring toy for me to splurge my cash on ...


  1. Congratulations.
    We all need goals, but I think I need simpler ones.
    First I have to limp the short bus back to Tau. Trying to find the right window of opportunity for that

    edit -
    I made it back to Tau with 0.000g antimater left. I put 5 in it.
    Maybe they could make a tanker ship you can fill at Tau for 5 million and fuel up other ships, perhaps in L7 or Ceti, at a substantial profit . . .