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The long arm of the Hotel Owners' Association

The cat's finally out of the bag.

I do have a contract with the HOA, the Hotel Owners' Association. Not only me, but our whole Syndicate "A Division of Extraordinary Vessels [DEV]". Actually, we're a ship shop, we're spaceflight geeks who want to promote private ship ownership and piloting licenses.

Whether it's pre-Cat, mid-Cat or post-Cat, stuff always costs money. So we need a way to finance our space-faring endeavours. This is where the HOA comes in. The Galaxy is a dangerous place, and you're never really safe. Unless you're in a hotel room. Therefore we agreed to keep reminding you of that fact by the occasional unexpected attack.

So watch out for that bullet with your name on it. Or for that blade lusting for your blood. And keep yourself safe in your hotel room.

This PSA brought to you and paid for by the Hotel Owners' Association