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Open your eyes!

You might wonder why there weren't any updates in almost a cycle. Where could I've possibly been? Truth be told, I and a bunch of like-minded technologists and engineers have been spending much of our time on Sol Jump Gate lately.

We haven't been sightseeing, nor watching the ships come and go, nor just twiddling our thumbs. Our days and many a nights were spent on coming to terms with Gate 420.C, and trying to get it operational again. Well, it seems like our labor will finally bear some fruit. Things are looking splendidly, the jump gate to Barnard's Star has been humming and whirring and buzzing for a few weeks now, dutifully processing the odd test shuttle we sent through.

We are fairly certain, as much as that is even a possibility with such complex tech from Before, that regular commercial operations can commence in a few days. Just a few final load and capacity tests, and we're good to go. Which undoubtedly means that traffic to and from Sol Jump Gate will increase significantly, business and all its accompanying effects for the station, good and bad, will pick up.

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  1. Good work man! Perhaps I can help with the next one!