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The Nasty Boys

Beneath us, in the sewers,
Are hordes of evildoers!
Fight the bastards, kill them dead,
Till the ground is bloody red!
Keep on fighting, kill, kill, kill,
While there's blood that we can spill!

Great things have been afoot in the ruins. Well, not great per se, it's more of a significant.

A gang of shady people has taken up a hold in the ruins, more precisely in the sewers. They block everyone's way and are exceedingly aggressive. I've nicknamed them "Spawns of Zoffix". If you want to pass by they put up a considerable resistance, are frightfully well-equipped and properly trained.

They always run teams of 5 to 6 people, organized as a stacked defense, so you have to defeat one after another. And looking at their gear leaves you somewhat envious, both weapons and armor are of very advanced state, not available for purchase anywhere. Which tells you quite a bit about their backers.

It seems to be an orchestrated attempt by so far undisclosed forces to establish a stronghold in the ruins. Reports from other travelers confirm their presence on almost every known station. I cannot even speculate as to the underlying motives of this whole operation.

So far I've had a few encounters with them and managed to glean some insight into their behavior. Apparently they do not work well with banks (no real surprise, since they seem much more inclined to rob them instead of actually using them). Which in turn means you can loot them for cash and bonds if you are good enough in a fight.

We must contain them to the sewers at all cost.

Victory is ours!