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Being Mister Goody Two Shoes

The government and its various associated organizations like to keep a close watch on their local residents, whether they are citizens or not. No big difference between Consortium and Protectorate here.

After spending a few cycles making contact with all kinds of people with looser or closer ties to both governments I acquired a way to unofficially access my "score card" with each administration.

It seems that the clandestine operations (available if you know where to look for them) serve to enhance this score. And every unsuccessful misdeed that lands you in jail serves to diminish your rating, since these "failures" are now part of your permanent record with the government.

Just for the heck of it I decided to spend a few weeks as an absolutely virtuous person, staying away from all potentially illegal activities, keeping away from disputes or fights or the Ruins and omitting every even half-legal career task. Instead, I concentrated almost exclusively on performing clandestine work.

Like any new toy I was transfixed with my CORETECHS access to my respective evaluation cards. Segment after segment I watched my valuation rise with every few anonymous missions performed.

Now it has finally happened, I reached a perfect score with both the Consortium and the Protectorate. Much to my chagrin nothing significant seems to come from this. Well, government bureaucracies aren't exactly renowned for either speed or efficiency. Probably time to return to my slightly viler ways.