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Two are better than one

Million credits, that is.

I can hardly believe it myself, I just became a double millionaire! That took a lot of hard work in what later turned out to be quite a shrewd career decision. But, to be brutally honest, there was also a huge amount of luck involved. It seems that I was fortunate enough to start working and getting promoted before the great regulatory crackdown on the job market.

Also, way back when, the ruins were much more desolate than they are now, not crawling with other travelers and all kinds of unsavory folk you have to fight off. You actually had a fair chance of coming across various valuable and more importantly marketable gear and goods.

Over the last two cycles I've traveled a lot, met a lot of people from different walks of life and was able to do them the odd favor. Thus you could say I am well connected, and that to different factions. Due to these personal and professional relations I was able to procure a sizable package of Vaccaro-Ibrahim Particles (don't even think about asking how).

Luckily I know an avid collector/consumer of these packages, so I was able to sell it to him for a cool quarter million net. Which got me very close to the magic mark. A few more career tasks and I had reached my goal.


  1. ... and the avid collector/consumer has stopped being a double millionaire in the process :-)