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A Strange Find in the Ruins - Ship Ahoy (3/4)

The wall to my left was totally gone, but the rest of the structure seemed remarkably stable. Across from me there was a staircase, which upon closer inspection turned out to be intact. It led me down another level. This room also had a broken-down wall, but here you could see what had probably caused the collapse: It was a sturdy spaceship.

From the outside look of the building's remains and the angle of the ship it seemed plausible that the vessel had crashed into the building's base. The impact burrowed it into parts of the subterranean rooms and caused said building to collapse on itself, while at the same time totally covering the already mostly hidden ship with its rubble. That meant that from the outside you would never know there was more than a totally collapsed building there.

I approached the ship and actually found a hatch that I could open. The vessel had to be built by a formidable shipwright, its structure being able to withstand such a forceful impact into the ground and building. Sadly, the crew lacked the same sturdy constitution, they seemed to not have survived the original crash.

Since the ship's hull was built to last it stood to argue that the rest of its systems had been designed with a similar mindset. Indeed I found a comm station that recognized my CORETECHS and could actually interface with them. The ship was part of a mighty organization's fleet, Imizane Galaxy. They were in fierce competition with another big organization called Wakapaddyo Galactico. Both were basically involved in information and knowledge dispersal. However, their methods differed drastically. While Imizane followed a profit-oriented approach, Wakapaddyo took a more altruistic view of the world.

The ship I was in was called the OWASP. According to its manifest its cargo hold contained several old-timey books. So I made my way down there. There were a few crates laying around, mostly undamaged. I opened one of them and found a musty old book. Another one contained a hardback novel. And a third one was hard to crack. When I finally managed to pry it open there was a book entitled "Virtual Attack Vectors". I started to peruse it but hardly understood any of it. It mentioned things I and probably most post-Cat people never heard of, like Kuberwars and Ecmaplasma.

[Coming soon: the 4th and final part, wherein my strange find in the ruins will finally be revealed]


  1. I thought those books were your find! They're incredible enough.

    Incidentally, I've heard a rumor that Imizane was named after some river on Old Earth. No one around to confirm it now...