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A Strange Find in the Ruins - Below We Go (2/4)

That day showed absolutely no signs of being different than any of the days before. My expedition into the ruins started much like any other of the several hundred I must've undertaken by now. You know, mostly finding nothing interspersed with the odd Nanowire here and discarded Tungsten Clava there. By now I had reached a very remote place in the ruins, I never before dared to venture out that far.

Covered under some debris I could make out the top of a few beer bottles, next to a huge pile of rubble, probably a collapsed building. A satisfied grin crept across my face. Not one to leave potential loot to others I started to dig through the rubble in order to free the bottles. I finally managed to liberate them and put them into my trusty leather satchel. Time to call it quits for the day.

Just when I turned to leave I noticed a metallic gleam in the place where I had just dug. It seems my burrowing unearthed one end of some unrolled copper wiring. Pulling it out was no option, it must've been stuck way too deep in the rubble. That could only mean one thing: more digging.

Several sweat-drenched segments later and feet deeper I reached the top of a half-opened door to a subterranean room, something like a basement. I could tell the room was at least partly empty by the echoing sounds my digging made.

This seemed to be a pristine location not set foot in by anyone since the Catastrophe. With renewed vigor I started to dig further, slowly clearing the whole space in front of the door. By now I had literally dug myself into a veritable hole.

All there was left to do was to clear the door frame of the several tons of rubble. Thinking the better of it I decided to just clear a bit away at the top so that I could squeeze by into the basement room.


  1. ...And?