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A Strange Find in the Ruins - Prelude (1/4)

Yes, I have my career, and I'm very good at it. In fact I have reached the pinnacle of port technician proficiency, I'm a veritable shipwright. The money is good, and the risks rather low. Truth be told, it actually became a bit repetitive and boring. So much so that I eventually changed careers to something with a little more zest,

I turned from Technologist to Special Operations. The jobs you are assigned (or more often you assign yourself) are definitely more titillating, you have a good chance of ending up either in jail or hospital. So that's that. But there's still a certain grind aspect to it.

One of the reasons I switched careers was that I could have more time and energy to devote to my great hobby: scavenging the ruins. Amid all of the chaos, junk, rubble and debris you do find some nice pieces of tech or other items worth keeping, so it never really gets boring.

It is sad to see the first-hand manifestation of the unmitigated disaster and destruction that was the Catastrophe. But at the same time I enjoy contemplating the technological and scientific marvels that we as the human race had been able to achieve. Exploring the old derelict buildings and crashed ships makes me feel somehow connected to these wondrous achievements.

My most recent forage, however, afforded me the (hopefully) good fortune of stumbling across an amazing find. But all in good order.